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Our Approach

Mowing, Land Reclamation , Landscaping , Hardscaping, Power washing  , Residential and commercial . Proudly serving Anne Arundel County Maryland; Annapolis, Gambrills, Edgewater, Arnold, Crownsville, Lothian, Deale, Hillsmere, Etc… The highest level of professionalism courtesy and hard work .We take pride and everything we do including every single customer homeowner commercial account and also pride in ourselves and our machinery . Tel:410.562.1195 Our philosophy is simple listen to the customer and homeowner about what they would like to do. Understand the homeowners budget and make sure that we can complete the project within a specified budget .We believe in doing our very best work for every single homeowner and being judged on Angie’s last where they get reviews and we maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction at all times .We hire the best people the best equipment and take care of the tools we have and make sure that we take care of each and every client .We treat everybody with

Our Story

I started off working with my father who was a captain in the US army and he had was retired he had suffered severe injuries and one thing that I did was landscape and when I was about 5 or 6 years old that’s when my father started take me into the yard and teacher me landscaping. I quickly fell in love with working in the yard with my father and I enjoyed the labor and it helped me keep my mind focused and took away all the negative thoughts or energy and I was just in peace and injoied myself .My friends in Florida who didn’t go to engineering and architectural school when I came home did not want to hear about programming so I went to work with my friends that were painters landscapers lawnmoweron companies roofers plumbers and electricians. Unless I actually went to work with them I would never see them. I had plenty of time off when I was developing software in Florida between Tampa and Fort Myers to spend time working and it put plenty of fuel in my fishing boat .I was fortunate enough to live out many of my dreams ball I was young and healthy and strong and when I got back into landscaping over the summer I lost at least 60 pounds caught very fit and I watch my company start to grow.

Meet the Team

When you work with somebody who is on Angie’s list their subject to getting rated and you get a good idea of how consistent their work is and it’s important to do background checks as well.


The people that I work with have all been vetted and when I go on a project that requires specialized licensed contractors I will hire from a group of friends that I’ve worked with for over 20 years in this area. Many of them talk me about finish carpentry and hardscaping as well as painting garage floors and what a few other very helpful and useful things .Why did I switch from computer programming to landscaping and hardscaping as was doing land reclamation because I injured my ocular nerves and the doctors told me to stay away from computers at least as much as possible otherwise I would have my Gran’s. When I’m working outside I feel good I feel healthy and I’m happy which is probably one of the most important things besides making sure that you’re paid fairly for the work that you did.


Jonathan Radding

Founder & CEO

Next Steps…

The next step is to give us a call and have us talk to you about bidding the project or what the cost will be to have your lawn mowed bushes trimmed leaves blown away or anything else without picking up the phone it’s hard to get started .As soon as you pick up the phone the whole process can began immediately it’s not intimidating it’s very friendly and we do everything we can to make you comfortable on the phone and we listen to your needs communicate but instant messenger email telephone we do everything we can to make it simple. Tel:410.562.1195 Call to Action