Seasonal Mowing

Seasonal Mowing Basic and Premium Contract’s & No Contract Mowing

“Same day Mowing available add $20 to no Contract Pricing”

Mowing Service
Mowing, Anne Arundel County, Annapolis, Edgewater, Arnold, Crofton, Gambrills, Crownsville, Hillsmere, and Pasadena.

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Seasonal Mowing Available

Annapolis, Arnold, Edgewater. Gambrills, Hillsmere, Crownsville, Odenton, Sherwood Forrest, Crofton. Cape St Claire. Anne Arundel County Maryland. Same Day Mowing Available. Charge for overgrowth of grass more than 56 inches. Standard cutting level in Maryland 3 inches. Pricing Approximately 32 weeks of mowing from March through October 1st 2018.
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Mowing, Edging, Blowing away debris.

No contract ✅

$75 1/4 Acre $100 1/2 Acre $125 3/4 Acre $150 1 Acres $250 – 2 Acres

Basic Seasonal Contract ✅

  • Basic Mowing Contract Seasonal (SAVE $$$)… Have your lawn cut weekly to 3 inches. If your grass is not over 3 inches we will come back the following week.
  • Each week your yard will be edged along with the driveway, walkways, paths.
  • Mulch Not included.
  • Does not include crab grass prevention, spring & fall fertilization, aeration, or plugging.
March through October 1 2018
  • 1/4 Acre = $3,400 Annually
  • 1/2 Acre = $4000 Annually
  • 3/4 Acre = $4600 Annually
  • 1 Acre = $5200 Annually
  • 1.5 Acres = $5600 Annually
  • 2.0 Acres $6500 Annually

Premium Seasonal Contract ✅

  • Mow weekly unless grass is not over 3 inches tall. Edge weekly, blow all debris from lawn, driveway, and edge along sidewalk and driveway. We also will apply grab grass prevention if done before April 1 2018.
  • Receive everything in the basic lawn package and then add the following;
  • Receive Spring and Fall fertilization, up to 3x aeration, 1x plugging annually, and 1 thatching. We place mulch around designated trees.
  • You can choose what time of day either morning or afternoon.
  • Your flower beds will be weeded by hand.
  • Shrubs and bushes trimmed as needed.
  • Mulch not included.

Pricing for Premium Lawn Care Service (Save 20% if payed in full) ✅

  • 1/4 Acres $4,800 Annually
  • 1/3 Acres $5,200 Annually
  • 1/2 Acres $6,500 Annually
  • 2/3 Acres $7,500 Annually
  • 1 Acres $8,500 Annually
  • 1.5 Acres $10,500 Annually
  • 2 Acres $12.500 Annually
  • 3 Acres $13,500 Annually
All lawns that are wet will not be cut because our equipment will cause damage and we will return as soon as grass has dried. With more than 30 years of experience mowing, landscaping is my passion. It’s great! to see how good the lawn looks when it is mowed at the correct heigh, aerated, fertilized and plugging as well as over-seeding make all the difference in the world. We have a 5 star rating with Home Advisor and offer same day service on many of the items we list on our main page.
Mowing, Landscape Reclamation Power Wash
Mowing, Landscape , Mowing, Reclamation Errosion Control, Fertilization, Water in your yard try GEO Tech grid and also water Catchment and if needed French Drain System. Seeding and Crab Grass Prevention along with fertilization and regular mowing outstanding results. We love home beautification and being Green.
  • Using well maintained, as well as some of the very best lawn equipment and making sure the lawn is cut to the correct height makes all the difference. Knowing how to mow properly takes years of experience. We do everything from Mowing, Over-Seeding, Fertilization, Grab Grass Prevention and edging, weed eating all help a great deal to maintain a really beautiful lawn.
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